Our Solutions

Core Services

Market Builders provides customized solutions to expand your reach to your customers and prospects. Whether you need a long term partner or a short project, our programs address a variety of communication needs. If you need assistance staying in touch with your customer and prospective customer base, we can help. Our core services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Relationship Nurturing & Marketing

One-on-one contact with your customers enhances your relationships while expanding your territory coverage cost effectively.

Lost Sale Follow Up

Following up on lost transactions provides valuable data regarding why companies chose to do business elsewhere. These contacts are also a valuable source for prospecting and lead generation.

Lead Qualification

A sales rep’s time is valuable and expensive. By pre-qualifying leads from tradeshows, your website or other sources you can increase the likelihood of sales rep follow up and save money.

Marketing Campaign Support

Having direct communication with your customers and prospects increases the effectiveness and response rate of your marketing campaigns.


Prospecting contacts qualify companies, determine business needs, and introduce your company and services to future customers in a positive manner.

Event Promotion

Increase attendance, refine invitation lists, and gather valuable pre-event information (such as current purchase needs) with event promotion contacts.

Data Cleansing & Maintenance

Our data cleansing contacts provide high level profiles of your customers – which can include machine population ownership, influencer information, purchase habits and more – to help you refine your marketing efforts and allows you to target your campaigns more effectively.

Customer Surveys

By gathering valuable information directly from your customers using custom survey solutions we can help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your organization.

Lost Customer Care

By contacting companies who no longer do business with you we can identify the cause of lost business and work to repair those relationships.