Our People

Our philosophy on building our team stems from hiring, training, and retaining professionals who have made customer service their career. We have very low turnover which means your customers hear from the same person for many years or even decades. We are centered on relationships. The relationships we can build with your customers depend on continuity and longevity.

Our Conversations

We believe the best customer experiences revolve around natural conversations with customers/prospects where both parties benefit from the time spent together. Our conversations are unscripted and will follow the needs of your customers as well as the needs of your project.

Our Continuity

Whenever possible we will use the same representatives to talk with your customers – project after project, year after year.

Our Flexibility

We believe an effective program adapts to your needs, so changing an approach, reporting, or any aspect of a program is welcomed and encouraged. We want conversations to work for YOU. Additionally, you are never under any obligation to continue a program or project with us. If something isn’t working for you, we need to change it or discontinue it.

Our Customization

We custom build each program and solution. We will work with you to determine the goals of your project, the systems to use, and the reporting and communication solutions that work best for you.

Our Response Time

We know things can come up that require a quick turnaround. We make every effort to accommodate those unexpected times when you will need to communicate with your customers and you will need to do it NOW!

Our CRM Solutions

We can work within your CRM system directly or utilize our own in-house system.

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