Relationship Nurturing & Marketing

One-on-one contact with your customers enhances your relationships while expanding your territory coverage cost effectively. We can help you build and maintain relationships with customers and prospective customers not currently being covered by sales reps. The programs are designed to create a positive image with your customers, generate leads, identify problems, and keep your name in front of customers. By contacting customers on a regular basis we can identify ways you can assist them with their business and lay the groundwork for a traditional sales rep to become involved as needed. These calls:

  • Build awareness of all services offered to increase business activity across your entire organization and “sell the house”
  • Provide feedback on any problems that could lead to negative word of mouth and/or loss of business
  • Generate leads
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Maintain accurate customer profiles (influencers, machine population, contact information, etc.)

Relationship management and nurturing can occur with an existing customer/prospect base or build on a prospecting campaign as a continuation after qualification.

Lost Sale Follow Up

Following up on lost transactions provides valuable data regarding why companies chose to do business elsewhere. These contacts are also a valuable source for prospecting and lead generation. We are able to gather a variety of information, not limited to, but such as:

  • Why they purchased competitive
  • Did they consider your dealership/equipment
  • Are they satisfied with the machine/service/transaction
  • What will it take for them to consider your dealership next time
Lead Qualification

A sales rep’s time is valuable and expensive. Pre-qualifying leads from trade shows, your website or other sources can increase the likelihood of sales rep follow up and save money.

The information gathered can aid sales reps in their prioritization of leads, help them prepare for sales calls, and quantify lead data for tracking. This information can include: timeframe of purchase, new or used preference, other manufacturers under consideration, the likelihood of a trade-in, budget, preferred features, and past experiences.

Frequency of poor quality leads often results in sales reps discounting all leads from outside sources and overlooking possible high quality leads. Pre-qualifying leads improves sales department follow up.

Marketing Campaign Support

Having direct communication with your customers and prospects increases the effectiveness and response rate of your marketing campaigns. Through integration of unscripted one-on-one conversations into print and email mail campaigns we can deliver relevant information directly to customers and prospects, gather quality lead information, and provide a positive overall experience.


Prospecting contacts qualify companies, determine business needs, and introduce your company and services to future customers in a positive manner. During the interaction, company data, including influencer information, can be verified or updated, as well.

Event Promotion

Personal invitations to special events increase the overall quality of customer events. Customers are more likely to attend an event when they are personally invited. Invitation calls send the message that the dealership/company is hosting a worthwhile event that is beneficial to the customer. Direct contact also increases the quality of those in attendance by making sure key influencers are aware of the event and its benefits to their company.

Invitation calls also allow for pre-screening potential buyers for their upcoming needs. During the conversation the customer’s needs are identified. When the customer checks in at the event, key dealer people/sales reps can be notified. This assists the reps in targeting their efforts during the event to the prospects most likely to purchase.

For those that are not able to attend dealer events, direct contact allows the dealer to deliver the intended message to this group. For those who are able to attend, it is just one more point of contact to reinforce the objective of the event.

Data Cleansing & Maintenance

Our data cleansing/CQI contacts provide high level profiles of your customers – which can include machine population ownership, influencer information, purchase habits and more – to help you refine your marketing efforts and allow you to target your campaigns more effectively.

Customer Satisfaction and Other Surveys

By gathering valuable information directly from your customers using custom survey solutions we can help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your organization. Surveying customers about how the dealership is doing has two positive outcomes. One, it allows the dealership to identify strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve your business practices. Two, talking to your customers about their experiences sends the message that you care about that experience and that customer. It also gives you the opportunity to immediately correct problems, before they gain momentum.

Phone surveys can also be used for other areas, such as gathering customer feedback on competitor services, feedback on marketing efforts (which media are customers viewing), etc.

Lost Customer Care

By contacting companies who no longer do business with you we can identify the cause of lost business and work to repair those relationships.

Through direct contact with inactive or low activity customers (customers that have “passed through” the system at some point) we can determine why they are inactive and act as point of contact to build or rebuild a positive relationship. In addition, these contacts:

  • Build awareness of parts, service, and rental capabilities to increase business activity with dealership
  • Verify and update customer information (name, address, decision makers, contact information, machine population)
  • Address any problems that could lead to negative word of mouth and/or loss of business
  • Generate leads

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